Having maintained an interest in painting since childhood, Anna began her art career nearly thirty years ago. She has developed her style by continuously experimenting with theme, technique, a variety of media, as well as the use of a limited palette.

Over the years her style has evolved from representational to contemporary expressionistic. Presently Anna paints almost exclusively with a palette knife, which allows her to paint quickly and spontaneously. A love of nature and her experiences travelling throughout many countries are often reflected in her work.

Anna resides in Vancouver, Canada, and is an active member of The Federation of Canadian Artists. She has been involved in a steady stream of group and solo exhibitions in Vancouver and its surrounding areas, as well as in Europe. 







I create my paintings applying paint with a palette knife, working "wet into wet" using limited palette. For several years I have been working with water-based oils and acrylics. This allows me to work straight from the tube for greater brilliancy and a luscious, thick, buttery texture. 

In the last few years I have focused on creating landscapes and still life, having moved away from the Realism marking my earlier career to mostly Contemporary Abstract Expressionism. I am greatly inspired by nature and spend a great deal of my life outdoors which reflects in my subjects matters. I always strive to portray my subject according to my vision of it, and to remain personal in its rendering.

Painting is a spiritual practice for me. It gives me great enjoyment, grounding me in everyday life. Each painting I make serves a deeper purpose, helping me stretch and grow as an artist. I am eternally grateful for this gift I have been given, to do this work and express my unique vision of the world around me.