Painting Workshop "palette knife painting intermediate to advanced level", November 18

Painting Workshop "Palette knife technique and application ", September 16

I SSWRAS  grup Spring Art Show - Surrey, April 22, 23

Painting Workshop "Palette knife technique and application ", April 1st.



Master Artist Program - White Rock, December 7 22 and 8

SSWR Fall Art Show and Exhibition, November 19 and 20

Magic Brush - B. Petrovec, Serbia, May 19 - June 9

Bloom Art Show - White Rock, March 3 - April 15

Wild Art Show - White Rock, January 14 - February 26

Art on display - Semihamoo Arts, January 13 - February 1


 Active members exhibition - Federation of Canadian Artists     


Group exhibition - Art Club B. Petrovec, Serbia


August 2012 - Group exhibition - Art Club B. Petrovec, Serbia
May 2012 -  Solo exhibition, Gallery B. Petrovec, Serbia
May 2012 -  Solo "Garden Show", B. Petrovec, Serbia
May 2012 - 2nd. BIENNALE in  B. Petrovec, Serbia

REPRESENTATION:    Ten-ee-ah Lodge Gallery, Spout Lake, Lac la hache, B.C. Canada 

May 2011 - Abstract Group Jurried exhibition - Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, B.C. Canada,  
                                                                                                                                                                Kopcok's Solo  exhibition  took place at  "Galeria Pri Jasliach" in Backi Petrovac, Serbia . 
From Saturday July 17th. to July 30th.  2010.
2010 -  Group exhibitions - Art Club B. Petrovec, B. Petrovec, Serbia 

Solo Exhibition - Gallery Zuzky Medvedovej, B. Petrovec, Serbia
Three persons exhibition - Gallery Zuzky Medvedovej, B. Petrovec, Serbia
Group Jurried exhibitons - Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver,B.C., Canada
Represented by - Joan Lowett Gallery, Vancouver,B.C., Canada
Solo exhibition - Centre for Slovaks living abroad, Bratislava, Slovakia
Group exhibition - White Rock Museum, White Rock,B.C., Canada
Solo exhibition - The Gallery, White Rock,B.C., Canada
Three persons exhibition - Harrison Hotsprings Gallery, Harrison Hotsprings,B.C., Canada
Three persons exhibition - Canadian documentary team, Pozitovske Muzeum, Nove Zamky, Slovakia
Solo exhibition - Kilby Museum, Harrison Milles, B.C., Canada
Solo exhibition - Pacific Inn  Hotel, Surrey, B.C., Canada
Solo exhibition - Gallery Stara Lekaren, Piestany, Slovakia
Solo exhibition - Trnava Muzeum, Trnava, Slovakia
Solo exhibition - Gallery Stefana Nemcoka, Bratislava, Slovakia
Group exhibitons - Surrey Art Club, Surrey B.C., Canada